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Category:   Application (Generic)  >   FirstClass Vendors:   Open Text Corporation
FirstClass Desktop Client 'file://' URLs Execute Local Files Without Presenting a Warning Dialog
SecurityTracker Alert ID:  1008609
SecurityTracker URL:
CVE Reference:   CVE-2004-0037   (Links to External Site)
Updated:  Jul 6 2008
Original Entry Date:  Jan 6 2004
Impact:   Execution of arbitrary code via network

Version(s): 7.1
Description:   A vulnerability was reported in the FirstClass Desktop Client software. The client will execute embedded file links without warning when a target user clicks on the link.

It is reported that when a target user clicks on a URL that points to a local file via the 'file://' protocol, the software will execute the local file without providing the user with a warning dialog.

Impact:   A remote user can create HTML links that, when loaded by the target user, will execute files on the target user's computer without first warning the target user.
Solution:   No solution was available at the time of this entry.
Vendor URL: (Links to External Site)
Cause:   Access control error, State error
Underlying OS:  Apple (Legacy "classic" Mac), UNIX (macOS/OS X), Windows (Any)

Message History:   None.

 Source Message Contents

Subject:  [Full-Disclosure] FirstClass Client 7.1: Command Execution via Email Web Link

Product: FirstClass Desktop Client 7.1
Developer: SoftArc

Description: Users clicking on a maliciously crafted link will result in 
local file execution.

FirstClass RTF formatted messages can include hyper-links to web URL's. 
When the messages recipient clicks on the URL the web browser is launched 
and navigates to the links URL. Crafting a malicious link is as simple as 
typing the local filename into the URL field of the form.

The most effective exploit would be to execute logoff.exe, forcefully 
terminating all running processes and logging the user out of their account.


I wanted to mess with this further, but don't have time.

Also note that other protocols can be used to launch their associated software.

For example, hcp:// would launch the Windows help control panel, 
telnet://.... you get the idea.

	Richard Maudsley
Greetings: Windsor Boys School
Matt & Dave: nice job on the network.
Greetings: French, Garlic, Shiva -- WBS Security Crew ;)

Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.


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