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VMware Workstation and Player Shared Library Flaw Lets Lets Local Users Gain Root Privileges
SecurityTracker Alert ID:  1029350
SecurityTracker URL:
CVE Reference:   CVE-2013-5972   (Links to External Site)
Date:  Nov 15 2013
Impact:   Root access via local system
Fix Available:  Yes  Vendor Confirmed:  Yes  
Version(s): Workstation for Linux 9.x prior to 9.0.3; Player for Linux 5.x prior to 5.0.3
Description:   A vulnerability was reported in VMware Workstation and Player. A local user can obtain root privileges on the target system.

A local user on the host operating system can exploit a flaw in the handling of shared libraries to gain root privileges on the target host system.

Impact:   A local user can obtain root privileges on the target system.
Solution:   The vendor has issued a fix (5.0.3, 9.0.3).

The vendor's advisory is available at:

Vendor URL: (Links to External Site)
Cause:   Not specified
Underlying OS:  Linux (Any)

Message History:   None.

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Subject:  [Security-announce] NEW VMSA-2013-0013 VMware Workstation host privilege escalation vulnerability

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- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
                   VMware Security Advisory

Advisory ID: VMSA-2013-0013
Synopsis:    VMware Workstation host privilege escalation vulnerability
Issue date:  2013-11-14
Updated on:  2013-11-14 (initial advisory)
CVE numbers: CVE-2013-5972

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Summary

   VMware has updated VMware Workstation and VMware Player to address a 
   vulnerability that could result in an escalation of privilege on 
   Linux-based host machines.

2. Relevant releases

   VMware Workstation for Linux 9.x prior to version 9.0.3
   VMware Player for Linux 5.x prior to version 5.0.3

3. Problem Description

   a. VMware shared library privilege escalation

      VMware Workstation and VMware Player contain a vulnerability in 
      the handling of shared libraries. This issue may allow a local 
      malicious user to escalate their privileges to root on the host OS.

      The vulnerability does not allow for privilege escalation from the 
      Guest Operating System to the host or vice-versa.

      The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project (
      has assigned the name CVE-2013-5972 to this issue.

      Column 4 of the following table lists the action required to
      remediate the vulnerability in each release, if a solution is

        VMware          Product   Running   Replace with/
        Product         Version   on        Apply Patch*
        =============   =======   =======   =================
        Workstation     10.x      Linux     not affected
        Workstation     9.x       Linux     9.0.3
        Player          6.x       Linux     not affected
	Player          5.x       Linux     5.0.3
        Fusion          any       Mac/OS    Not affected
        ESXi            any       ESXi      Not affected
        ESX             any       ESX       Not affected

4. Solution

   Please review the patch/release notes for your product and version 
   and verify the checksum of your downloaded file. 

   VMware Workstation 9.x	 

   VMware Player 5.x

5. References


6. Change log

   2013-11-14 VMSA-2013-0013
   Initial security advisory in conjunction with the release of
   an updated version of VMware Workstation 9 and VMware Player 5.


7. Contact

   E-mail list for product security notifications and announcements:

   This Security Advisory is posted to the following lists:

   * security-announce at
   * bugtraq at
   * full-disclosure at

   E-mail: security at
   PGP key at:

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   VMware security response policy

   General support life cycle policy

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   Copyright 2013 VMware Inc. All rights reserved.

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