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Category:   Application (Multimedia)  >   Icecast Vendors:
(FreeBSD Issues Updated Fix) Re: Icecast Streaming Audio Server Can Execute Arbitrary Code
SecurityTracker Alert ID:  1001635
SecurityTracker URL:
CVE Reference:   GENERIC-MAP-NOMATCH   (Links to External Site)
Date:  May 29 2001
Impact:   Execution of arbitrary code via network, User access via network
Fix Available:  Yes  Vendor Confirmed:  Yes  
Version(s): All versions prior to Icecast 1.3.10
Description:   Several vulnerabilities have been reported in Icecast, a streaming audio package, in which a remote user can cause Icecast to execute arbitrary code on the Icecast host.

All versions prior to Icecast 1.3.10 are vulnerable.

Impact:   An attacker can cause arbitrary code to be executed on the Icecast server with the privileges of the Icecast program.
Solution:   Patched versions of these packages are available from the vendor.
Vendor URL: (Links to External Site)
Cause:   Boundary error, Input validation error
Underlying OS:  Linux (Any), UNIX (Any)

Message History:   This archive entry is a follow-up to the message listed below.
Mar 15 2001 Icecast Streaming Audio Server Can Execute Arbitrary Code

 Source Message Contents

Subject:  FreeBSD Ports Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-01:23.icecast [REVISED]


FreeBSD-SA-01:23                                           Security Advisory
                                                                FreeBSD, Inc.

Topic:          icecast port contains remote vulnerability [REVISED]

Category:       ports
Module:         icecast
Announced:      2001-03-12
Revised:	2001-05-28
Credits:        |CyRaX| <>
Affects:        Ports collection prior to the correction date.
Corrected:      2001-04-20
Vendor status:  Updated version released
FreeBSD only:   NO

0.   Revision History

2001-03-12  v1.0  Initial release
2001-05-28  v1.1  Note vulnerabilities in versions prior to 1.3.10

I.   Background

icecast is a server for streaming MP3 audio.

II.  Problem Description

The icecast software, versions prior to 1.3.10, contains multiple
format string vulnerabilities, which allow a remote attacker to
execute arbitrary code as the user running icecast, usually the root

There are a number of other potential abuses of format strings which
may or may not pose security risks, but have not currently been

The icecast port is not installed by default, nor is it "part of
FreeBSD" as such: it is part of the FreeBSD ports collection, which
contains over 5200 third-party applications in a ready-to-install
format.  The ports collections shipped with FreeBSD 3.5.1 and 4.3
contain this problem since it was discovered after the releases.

FreeBSD makes no claim about the security of these third-party
applications, although an effort is underway to provide a security
audit of the most security-critical ports.

III. Impact

Arbitrary remote users can execute arbitrary code on the local system
as the user running icecast, usually the root user.

If you have not chosen to install the icecast port/package, then your
system is not vulnerable to this problem.

IV.  Workaround

Deinstall the icecast port/package, if you have installed it.

V.   Solution

Consider running the icecast software as a non-privileged user to
minimize the impact of further security vulnerabilities in this

To upgrade icecast, choose one of the following options:

1) Upgrade your entire ports collection and rebuild the icecast port.

2) Deinstall the old package and install a new package dated after the
correction date, obtained from:


Packages are not automatically generated for the alpha architecture at
this time due to lack of build resources.

3) download a new port skeleton for the icecast port from:

and use it to rebuild the port.

4) Use the portcheckout utility to automate option (3) above. The
portcheckout port is available in /usr/ports/devel/portcheckout or the
package can be obtained from:
Version: GnuPG v1.0.5 (FreeBSD)
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