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Mar 12 2003   'usermode' Package on Mandrake Linux Lets Local Users Shutdown Processes and Gain Root Access
Feb 6 2003   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Linux Kernel 2.4 O_DIRECT Processing Flaw May Disclose File System Information to Local Users
Jan 22 2003   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Mandrake Linux 'printer-drivers' Package May Yield Root Privileges to Local Users
Jan 21 2003   Mandrake Linux 'printer-drivers' Package May Yield Root Privileges to Local Users
Oct 17 2002   Linux Kernel 2.2 and 2.4 Bugs May Allow Local Users to Gain Root Privileges
Aug 15 2002   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Sharutils Package Uudecode Component Fails to Check for Symlinks When Decoding to a Temporary File, Allowing Local Users to Potentially Gain Elevated Privileges
Aug 14 2002   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Libc Buffer Overflow in gethostnamadr() and getnetnamadr() Functions May Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Jul 5 2002   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Red Hat Distribution of LPRng Print Spooler Has Default Configuration That Allows Any Remote User to Submit a Print Job
Jul 4 2002   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Re: Linux ICMP Stack Implementation Discloses Previously Allocated Server Memory Contents to Remote Users
Jul 4 2002   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Re: Linux Kernel 'Netfilter' Firewall Software Has an IRC DCC Protocol Connection Tracker Bug That May Let Remote Users Access Protected Hosts in Certain Situations
Jul 4 2002   (Mandrake Issues Fix) Re: Crypto IP Encapsulation (CIPE) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Software Can Be Crashed By Remote Users Sending a Short Packet
Jun 19 2002   Mandrake Linux OS Default Installation Uses Insecure File Permissions on User Directories
Jan 9 2002   Mandrake Linux Distribution of BIND Has File Permission Errors That May Let Local Users Control the BIND Daemon or Modify It's Configuration
Dec 13 2001   Mandrake Linux 8.1 Default Pluggable Authentication Modules for 'passwd' Did Not Include MD5 Support
Apr 28 2001   Rpmdrake Package Manager for Linux-Mandrake Contains Temporary File Vulnerability

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