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Jun 25 2009   Motorola Timbuktu PlughNTCommand Named Pipe Stack Overflow Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Jan 7 2008   netOctopus 'nantsys.sys' Driver Lets Local Users Gain Kernel Level Privileges
Aug 28 2007   Motorola/Netopia Timbuktu Buffer Overflows Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code and Directory Traversal Bug Lets Remote Users Create/Delete Arbitrary Messages
Nov 19 2004   Netopia Timbuktu Buffer Overflow Lets Remote Users Crash the Service
Feb 22 2002   Netopia Timbuktu Remote Access Software Lets Users Without Administrator Privileges Modify User Account Restrictions
Jan 19 2002   Netopia Timbuktu Remote Management Software Can Be Crashed By Remote Users
Apr 19 2001   Netopia's Timbuktu for Mac OS X Allows Local Users to Access the Host Without Logging In

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