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Apr 20 2017   Novell NetIQ Access Manager Virtual Attribute Concurrency Bug Lets Remote Authenticated Users Obtain Potentially Sensitive Information
Mar 1 2017   NetIQ Access Manager Directory Traversal Flaw Lets Remote Authenticated Admin Users Download Arbitrary Files on the Target Admin Console System
Dec 23 2014   NetIQ Access Manager Input Validation Hole Permits Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
May 28 2013   NetIQ Access Manager Input Validation Flaw in 'Ecom_User_ID' Permits Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Dec 21 2012   Novell NetIQ Privileged User Manager Bug Lets Remote Users Change the Administrative Password
Apr 26 2005   NetIQ PSSecure May Let Remote Users Bypass AS/400 FTP Access Controls
Mar 7 2003   WebTrends Input Filtering Flaw Lets Remote Users Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks Against WebTrends Users

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