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Apr 15 2006   phpWebSite Include File Bug in 'hub_dir' Parameter May Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Aug 17 2005   phpWebSite Input Validation Hole in 'Module' Parameter Permits SQL Injection
Feb 25 2005   phpWebSite Announce Module Image Files Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary PHP Code
Nov 12 2004   phpWebSite Input Validation Flaws Let Remote Users Conduct HTTP Response Splitting Attacks
Sep 1 2004   phpWebSite Input Validation Bugs in 'cal_template' and Other Parameters Permit SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Feb 14 2004   phpWebSite 'ANN_id' Variable Input Validation Hole Lets Remote Users Inject SQL Commands
Aug 11 2003   phpWebSite Calendar Module Permits SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting Attacks, and Denial of Service Attacks
Sep 24 2002   phpWebSite Include Statement Bug Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code

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