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Oct 20 2004   Abyss Web Server Bug in Processing MS-DOS Device Names Lets Remote Users Deny Service
Dec 8 2003   Abyss Web Server Directory Password Protection Can Be Bypassed
Jun 30 2003   Abyss Web Server Heap Overflow Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Apr 5 2003   Abyss Web Server HTTP Header Validation Flaw Lets Remote Users Crash the Web Server
Feb 13 2003   Abyss Web Server Permits Brute Force Password Guessing on the Administrative Interface
Aug 23 2002   Abyss Web Server Access Control Bug Lets Remote Users Gain Administrative Control of the Web Server Application
Jul 29 2002   Aprelium's Abyss Web Server Discloses Directory Contents to Remote Users
Apr 10 2002   Abyss Web Server Discloses Web Server Password File to Remote Users

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