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Jul 18 2006   VisNetic MailServer Include File Bug in 'language' and Other Parameters Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Feb 23 2006   VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in for Mail Server Lets Local Users Obtain Elevated Privileges
Jul 2 2003   VisNetic WebSite Discloses Installation Path to Remote Users
Jun 24 2003   VisNetic MailServer Web Mail Interface Discloses PHP Source Code to Remote Users
May 29 2003   VisNetic FTP Server Discloses Directory Listings to Remote Authenticated Users, Including Anonymous Users
Apr 24 2003   VisNetic ActiveDefense Can Be Crashed By Remote Users
Dec 11 2002   VisNetic WebSite Web Server Software Can Be Crashed By Remote Users
May 22 2002   Deerfield WebSite Pro Windows-based Web Server May Disclose CGI Source Code to Remote Users in Certain Cases
May 7 2002   MDaemon Mail Server WorldClient Buffer Overflow Lets Authenticated Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code on the Server with SYSTEM Privileges
Feb 26 2002   Deerfield D2Gfx File Sharing System Lets Remote Users Traverse the Directory and View Files Located Anywhere on the System
Feb 26 2002   Deerfield's D2Gfx File Sharing System Allows Remote Users to Conduct Cross Site Scripting Attacks and Run (and Propagate) Arbitrary Code on D2Gfx File Sharing Servers
Feb 17 2002   Deerfield WebSite Web Server Software Discloses Installation Path Location to Remote Users

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