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Jul 21 2010   (Red Hat Issues Fix) Mozilla Firefox Multiple Flaws Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
May 12 2001   (Progeny Issues Fix) Re: gFTP Client May Allow Remote FTP Servers to Cause the FTP Client to Execute Arbitrary Code on the User's Host
Apr 23 2001   (Progeny Releases Fix) Re: Sendfile SAFT File Transfer Daemon Allows Local Users to Execute Arbitrary Code with Root Privileges
Apr 21 2001   (Progeny Releases Fix) Re: Netscape 4.76 Browser May Execute Arbitrary Javascript Code that Could Disclose Recently Visited Web URLs
Apr 21 2001   (Progeny Releases Fix) Re: Samba SMB Networking Software Allows Local Users to Destroy Data on Local Devices
Apr 21 2001   (Progeny Releases Fix) Re: Configurable Finger Daemon (cfingerd) Gives Remote Users Root-Level Privileges

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