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Apr 15 2015   Cisco Secure Desktop Cache Cleaner '.jar' File Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Commands
Jun 20 2012   Cisco Secure Desktop Software Update Bug Lets Remote Users Downgrade the Target User to an Older Version or Execute Arbitrary Code
Feb 24 2011   Cisco Secure Desktop CSDWebInstaller Bugs Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Apr 14 2010   Cisco Secure Desktop ActiveX Control Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Feb 3 2010   Cisco Secure Desktop Input Validation Hole Permits Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Nov 8 2006   Cisco Secure Desktop Bugs Let Local Users Gain LocalSystem Privileges, View Certain VPN Session Data, and Switch Out of the Secure Desktop
Oct 9 2006   Cisco Secure Desktop May Let Local Users Access Data Via Windows Operating System Files

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