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Jul 15 2014   Citrix NetScaler Gateway Input Validation Flaws Permit Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Mar 7 2013   Citrix Access Gateway Unspecified Flaw Lets Remote Users Access Network Resources
Aug 1 2012   Citrix Access Gateway Bugs Let Remote Users Traverse the Directory, Proxy Connections via the Target System, and Inject Text Content
Aug 1 2012   Citrix Access Gateway Plug-in for Windows ActiveX Control Buffer Overflows Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Aug 24 2011   Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition Input Validation Flaw in Logon Portal Permits Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Jul 14 2011   Citrix Access Gateway Plug-in for Windows Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Dec 15 2010   Citrix Access Gateway Flaw in Legacy NT Authentication Component Lets Remote Users Inject Commands
Dec 17 2009   (Citrix Issues Fix for Citrix Access Gateway) Various TCP Stack Implementations Let Remote Users Deny Service
Sep 3 2008   Citrix Access Gateway DNS Query Port Entropy Weakness Lets Remote Users Spoof the System
May 15 2008   Citrix Access Gateway Lets Remote Users Bypass Authentication
Jul 20 2007   Citrix Access Gateway Unspecified Bugs Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code, Access Active Sessions, Make Configuration Changes, and Redirect Web Users
Nov 15 2006   Citrix Access Gateway Discloses Information That May Let Remote Users Compromise the Appliance
Sep 16 2006   Citrix Access Gateway LDAP Authentication Flaw Grants Access to Remote Users

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