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Apr 18 2012   Oracle Grid Engine Lets Local Users and Remote Authenticated Users Gain Root Privileges
Apr 11 2008   Sun Grid Engine Bug in Qmaster Daemon Lets Local Users Deny Service
Oct 16 2006   (Sun Grid Engine is Affected) OpenSSL ASN.1 Bugs, SSL_get_shared_ciphers() Buffer Overflow, and SSLv2 Client Error Lets Remote Users Denial of Service or Execute Arbitrary Code
Jul 29 2006   Sun N1 Grid Engine Buffer Overflows Let Local Users Shutdown the Grid Service or Gain Elevated Privileges
Jun 8 2006   Sun Grid Engine CSP Flaws Let Local Denial of Service or Access the Grid Service
Mar 28 2006   Sun Grid Engine 'rsh' Bug Lets Local Users Obtain Root Privileges
Jan 24 2006   Grid Engine Bug in 'rsh' Lets Local Users Gain Elevated Privileges

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