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May 14 2018   Apple Mail Decrypted HTML Parsing Flaw Lets Remote Users Decrypt and Obtain Potentially Sensitive Information from the Target User's Email Client
Jun 24 2011   Apple Mail MobileMe May Disclose Email Alias to Remote Users Monitoring the Network
Mar 30 2010   Apple Mail May Use the Wrong Encryption Key or Fail to Delete User Filter Rules
Oct 9 2008   Apple Mail Stores Draft S/MIME E-mails in Clear Text
May 29 2008   Apple Mail Buffer Overflow in Sending SMTP via IPv6 May Cause Arbitrary Code Execution
Feb 11 2008   Apple Mail 'file' URL Processing Bug Lets Remote Users Execute Local Applications
Dec 18 2007   Apple Mail May Use Plaintext Authentication When SMTP Authentication is Selected
May 12 2006   Apple Mail MacMIME and Enriched Text Bugs Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Mar 14 2006   Apple Mail Buffer Overflow in Processing Attachments With Specially Crafted Real Names May Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Sep 23 2005   Apple Mail Auto-Reply and Kerberos Implementation May Disclosure Sensitive Information to Remote Users
Aug 16 2005   Apple Mail Does Not Fully Enforce Remote Image Access Blocking
May 9 2005   Apple Mail New Account Wizard May Disclose Passwords Via the Network

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