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Jun 12 2008   (Ingate Firewall is Affected) Net-snmp SNMPv3 Authentication Bug Lets Remote Users Bypass Authentication
Jan 10 2008   Ingate Firewall Lets Remote Users Consume All Available SIP Media Ports
Jun 8 2006   Ingate Firewall Bugs Let Remote Users Deny Service and Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Jan 28 2005   Ingate Firewall Fails to Disconnect PPTP Connections When a User is Disabled
Sep 23 2003   (Ingate Firewall Fix is Available) Re: Linux Netfilter With Network Address Translation (NAT) Can Be Crashed By Remote Users in Certain Cases
Sep 23 2003   Ingate Firewall May Let Remote Users Setup Sessions By Sending SYN+RST Packets

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