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Sep 6 2007   Novell iChain HTTP Content Scanning Can Be Bypassed Using Full-Width Unicode Content
Mar 9 2005   Novell iChain Mini FTP Server Does Not Limit Invalid Authentication Attempts
Mar 9 2005   Novell iChain Mini FTP Server Discloses Installation Path to Remote Users
Mar 9 2005   Novell iChain GUI Lets Remote Users Gain Administrative Access
Jan 26 2005   Novell iChain Mutual Authentication Configuration May Let Remote User Authenticate to the System
Aug 26 2004   Novell iChain Has Multiple Bugs That Let Remote Users Bypass ACLs, Deny Service, and Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Jun 18 2004   Novell iChain Input Validation Bug in 'url' Parameter Lets Remote Users Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
Feb 6 2004   Novell iChain May Grant Remote Users Access Via Mandatory Telnet Service if No Password is Set
Oct 17 2003   (Novell Issues Fix for iChain) Re: OpenSSL ASN.1 Parsing Flaws Lets Remote User Crash Applications or Execute Arbitrary Code
Oct 17 2003   Novell iChain Can Be Crashed By a Remote User Sending a RETR Command
Oct 17 2003   Novell iChain May Let a Remote User Hijack an Existing Session
Jul 28 2003   Novell iChain Login Buffer Overflows Let Remote Users Crash the Software
Jul 4 2003   Novell iChain Discloses to Remote Users Whether Usernames Exist or Not
Jun 6 2003   Novell iChain Bugs Let Remote Users Access a Restricted Page or Crash the Service

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