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Jan 6 2011   SAP Management Console Unspecified Flaws Let Remote Users Obtain Information and Deny Service
Sep 27 2010   SAP Management Console Null Pointer Dereference Lets Remote Users Deny Service
Jul 6 2007   SAP DB Web Server Stack Overflow Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Nov 18 2003   SAP DB web-tools Have Multiple Flaws That Disclose Files, Permit Remote Code Execution, and Grant Access to Remote Users
Nov 17 2003   SAP DB 'niserver' Buffer Overflow Lets Remote Users Gain Root/LocalSystem Privileges
Nov 17 2003   SAP DB NETAPI32.DLL Path Specification Flaw Lets Local Users Gain SYSTEM Privileges
Apr 22 2003   SAP DB Helper Tools Provide Root Access to Local Users
Mar 31 2003   SAP DB File Permissions Let Local Users Modify Files to Gain Elevated Privileges
Dec 4 2002   SAP DB Database Symlink Bug Lets Local Users Execute Arbitrary Files With Root Privileges

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