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Apr 4 2006   McAfee WebShield Format String Bug in Composing Bounce Messages Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Jul 28 2005   McAfee WebShield Appliance Default Password May Grant Access to Remote Users
Mar 18 2005   McAfee WebShield Buffer Overflow in Processing LHA Headers Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Jul 14 2003   WebShield SMTP for Windows NT Lets Remote Users Send Executables Through the Filter
Sep 13 2002   Network Associates WebShield SMTP Virus Scanner Can Be Bypassed With Fragmented 'Partial' E-mail Messages
Nov 29 2001   Network Associates WebShield SMTP Anti-Virus Gateway Fails to Block BadTrans Virus Due to Errors in Processing the MIME Header
Sep 5 2001   WebShield E-mail Scanner Lets Remote Users Get User-Level Operating System Access

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