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Sep 7 2018   RSA BSAFE SSL-J Crypto Timing and Memory Access Errors Let Remote or Physically Local Users Obtain Keys
Apr 12 2016   RSA BSAFE SSL-J 'ServerKeyExchange' Flaw Lets Remote Users Obtain Private Keys on the Target System
Aug 18 2015   RSA BSAFE SSL-J Lets Remote Users Bypass Fingerprint Based Certificate Restrictions on the Target System
Jun 20 2013   BSAFE SSL-J Lets Remote Users Decrypt SSL/TLS Traffic
Jun 20 2013   (RSA Issues Fix for BSAFE SSL-J) OpenSSL TLS/DTLS CBC Mode Oracle Padding Lets Remote Users Recover Plaintext
Sep 12 2001   RSA's BSAFE SSL-J Secure Sockets Layer Java Toolkit Has Session Caching Bug That May Allow Remote Users to Masquerade as Other Valid SSL Clients

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