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Oct 10 2005   SGI IRIX 'runpriv' Input Validation Error Lets Certain Local Users Gain Elevated Privileges
Aug 17 2005   Linux Kernel Memory Leak in syscall32_setup_pages() May Let Local Users Deny Service
Sep 29 2004   (SGI Issues Fix for IRIX) FreeBSD mbuf Flaw Lets Remote Users Deny Service
Sep 29 2004   SGI 'bsd.a' Kernel Networking Flaw Has Unspecified Impact
May 27 2004   SGI IRIX libcpr Error Lets Local Users Execute Arbitrary Code With Root Privileges
May 18 2004   SGI IRIX rpc.mountd Has Infinite Loop Denial of Service Flaw
Jan 20 2004   SGI IRIX PIOCSWATCH ioctl() Lets Local Users Crash the Kernel
Nov 21 2003   SGI IRIX rpc.mountd Bugs May Let Remote Users Access NFS Services
Nov 21 2003   (SGI Issues Fix) Re: Rpc.mountd May Disclose File Existence to Remote Users
Aug 15 2003   SGI Checkpoint/Restart 'libcpr' Flaw Lets Local Users Overwrite Files With Elevated Privileges
Jul 17 2003   SGI IRIX Login Hole May Let Local Users Gain Root Privileges
Jun 25 2003   SGI IRIX Operating System 'inetd' Can Be Crashed By Remote Users
Apr 26 2003   SGI IRIX libns_ldap Bug May Let Remote Users Access Systems Without a Password
Apr 14 2003   (SGI Issues Fix for 'bsdlpr' on IRIX) Re: OpenBSD 'lprm' Buffer Overflow May Let Local Users Gain Elevated Privileges
Apr 9 2003   (SGI Issues Fix for IRIX) Re: Sun RPC Library Integer Overflow in xdrmem_getbytes() May Let Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Dec 4 2002   (SGI Issues Fix) Re: Sun X Font Server (XFS) Buffer Overflow Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
Aug 30 2002   (SGI Plans to Issue a Fix) Re: Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Bytecode Verifier Casting Bug Lets Arbitrary Code Execute Outside of the Java Security Sandbox
Aug 12 2002   SGI IRIX Operating System Bulk Data Services (BDS) Discloses Arbitrary Files to Remote Users
Jun 5 2002   SGI IRIX 'rpc.passwd' Utility May Allow Remote Users to Gain Root Privileges on the Operating System

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